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Luxury hotel in the old Harland & Wolff headquarters now a step closer: 75 new jobs for £27m project - More here - http://t.co/r9lfnGd2uK

Street in Titanic Quarter to be named after one of the 20th Century's greatest physicists - local man John Bell - http://t.co/LLuNzWJBH8

@TQCyclingClub invites you along to Membership Night on Thu 27th at 7.30 pm @DockTQCafe @Titanic_Quarter http://t.co/RBQVtAviBZ


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Need a last quirky Christmas gift for a loved 1. Get it @DockTQMarket 2morrow 11-5 @Titanic_Quarter @VisitBelfast http://t.co/qcDMPjqjGS

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