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RT @PhysicsNews: 'Bell's Theorem Crescent' named in honour of Belfast scientist John Stewart Bell on Feb 19, 12 noon @bfastmet @Titanic_qua

RT @TitanicBelfast: Vote for Belfast to be on the new Monopoly board! Currently 3rd - lets get to 1st!! http://t.co/uPe8JL3g6L http://t.co/

I voted @TitanicBelfast on Where is your favourite afternoon tea in N.Ireland? via @love_belfast #poll http://t.co/70wV90SGTH


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Drop down to PRONI @Titanic_Quarter , 2day at 3pm. For @BigTellyNI Machinations exhibition launch. http://t.co/bg26jfbqFX @StephenScarth

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